Startup Weekend Omaha: The Movie


We’re in the midst of filming the first ever feature-length documentary about Startup Weekend in Omaha. The film will show everything from the planning of the event to the Startup Weekend organization to the community of attendees like YOU. This September we will document each team as they evolve their concept and build them out with all the usual creative ideation and execution challenges the event brings. And you can be a part of it!

We’re making this documentary for several reasons:

First, especially for those who have never been to a Startup Weekend, we want to *show* people what the experience is really like and why we love it so much.

Second, we want to show the world how hard the attendees work, how bright they are, and how much sweat they put into the things they believe in. It’s time to capture those inspirations to motivate others.

Third, we want to give others a glimpse into the planning process for both transparency and also to give first-time organizers a sense of the considerations and pitfalls for holding their own events in their own cities.

Finally, we think this will be make for some really good entertainment.