Why are Tickets $75?


I often get asked why Startup Weekend Omaha tickets are $75 and where the money goes. If you’re wondering the same thing, here is the answer. The $75 from your Startup Weekend Omaha ticket is mostly used to pay for the 7 meals throughout the weekend and related items like ice, drinks, snacks, napkins, plates, silverware, etc. In addition, this year the event also needs to pay for rental items such as space in the Mastercraft Building, tables, chairs, the microphone system, and other equipment. Finally, you’re gonna get a sweet t-shirt.

We can only do all of this with the additional help of the sponsorship money to fund these things. At the end of the event if Startup Weekend Omaha has any leftover money, it is split between Startup Weekend, LLC — a 501(c)3 nonprofit — to help offset their global costs (and perhaps the occasional event that loses money) and an Omaha community chest which can be used to fund other entrepreneurial activities in our city.

Remember, Startup Weekend Omaha is a non-profit event organized and run by volunteers so it couldn’t happen without enough support from the whole community. Thankfully, that’s never been an issue for us.